Chernobyl Trip Part Three - Pripyat, Sports Hall and Swimming Pool

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By Andy Thorne

on the 21st February 2017

On the road to Pripyat - Death Bridge

It was only a couple of minutes drive from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP) to the Pripyat sign. The town itself was never originally intended to be a permanent town, instead it was a temporary settlement for the workers of the CNPP. However, as expansion to the plant progressed, more and more came to the town. At the time of the disaster, around 50,000 people called Pripyat home.

Lying a few kilometers north west of the reactors, they were linked by a single road, crossing one of the rivers on the way. The bridge offered an elevated position over the relatively flat land, where many people gathered to look at the exploded reactor. Tragically, the radioactive 'cloud' that was released passed directly over the bridge making the it lethally radioactive. Many of the people to stopped here died, earning the name "Death Bridge"