About Me

Who I am, where I come from, what I do.

Hello, I'm Andy, I'm 20 somethingish and from a tiny village in southern Cambridgeshire. I've been programming PHP ever since I was 15, and have amassed a wealth of experience in personal, freelance and commercial ventures.

I currently work for the largest magazine publishing house in Europe: TimeInc (UK) - formally IPCMedia. I am employed as a Lead Developer, currently working on TimeInc's video platform, as well as working on the core systems in Symfony2/3 and in-house Content Management Systems.

Skills and Experience

Over ten years of experience in both Object Oriented and procedural PHP, leading and working as a team throughout design, development, rollout and maintenance of critical, high traffic applications.

I am an avid user of Symfony Components and framework coupled with Doctrine2 and Twig. Apart from being suberbly designed and very well maintained, it is great for creating fast, reusable and elegant code.

Extensive experience using AJAX with jQuery and Bootstrap libraries. I am also an avid user of the React.js and WebSockets (with long polling failover), allowing for feature rich and responsive user interfaces.

Job History

TimeInc (UK)

After IPC Media, along with Time (US) split from TimeWarner, TimeInc UK was born. Promoted to a lead developer, I worked on the homes network's growth project The Room Edit and Product Finder, written with a Drupal8 API and Laravel and Symdfony front end.
After, I worked on Decanter's bespoke growth project for fine wine reviews - think the IMDB for fine wine! Written in Symfony3 and using PHP 7.1 on Docker, Amazon RDS, Amazon APIGateway, Amazon ElasticSearch Service as an API, and a Symfony micro-framework with React frontend.

IPC Media

IPC Media are a heavyweight in the online and digital magazine world. A subsidary of Time Inc, IPC are the largest magazine publishing house in Europe, and attract near 100 million vistors monthly.

My role in IPC was a Senior Developer for the Core and Mobile Platforms written in Symfony2 and IPC's in-house PHP CMS.

Activ Financial

Activ are a market leading stock market data re-seller. Whilst with them, I was responsible for managing and developing the company Intranet, utilising PHP, MySql, Python, Bash, JavaScript, CSS and Linux across a wide range of complex tools to monitor, maintain, upgrade and setup production servers across the company's global data centres.


DoxDirect are an Online Document Printer. (Re)written in PHP, the site went from small and unknown to a leading document printer due to a clean and attractive website.