Web Developer
specialising in PHP

S.O.L.I.D. designed, test driven, efficient code

About Me

Generally, I am a massive technology fan. I love keeping up with the latest and greatest in web development, not to mention gadgets (especially cameras!) and gaming.

Tech aside, I'm a social and outgoing guy, loving music (I play the guitar), football (I can't say who!) and the odd pint down one of London's or Cambridge's many brilliant pubs.

My Skills

PHP and MySQL is my main forte. I've been bashing out code since I was 15, so I've racked up up a good level of experience. After studying Computer Science at Loughborough University, I moved straight into commercial web development, working my way up to a lead developer for the biggest magazine published in Europe, TimeInc (UK).


I like to keep up-to-date with current web technologies, so I always seem to have my hands in some sort of code pie. To take a look at what I've done, what I'm planning and what I've currently got going on, please see my projects or read my blog.